I’m having an exciting day and I can’t keep it to myself.

This morning I decided to take the Smith & Wesson M&P9 to the range to practice some drills I’ve been working on.  The SigO has been telling me for months that if I want to improve my stance and grip, I should do dry fire exercises at home.  (Dry firing is when you pull the trigger on an unloaded -and triple safety-checked- gun in order to practice marksmanship fundimentals)  As per usual, he was right.  I have been working on some new skills at home, like speed reloads, for the past couple of days and I was really itching to get out on the range and see if the hard work was going to pay off.  I think it did, but we took a video so you can judge for yourself.

I felt pretty good about the way it went, and I got to test out some of the gear I’ve been helping to make for the PHLster project, which is the semi-accidental business my husband started in our house a few months ago.  In the beginning he was trying to make himself a holster, being the kind of DIY fellow that he is. And then he started recording his progress and putting it up on YouTube as a way to reach out to other like-minded folks for a kind of tips and tricks sharing co-op.  What ended up happening was that people saw the cool things he was making and started asking if they could pay him to make them some of that sweet gear.  Being a general amenable guy, he agreed and now we have a small business.  Crazy, right?   One of the most satisfying things about making holsters I’ve found is that you get to make something, put it through its paces and then take that data back into the workshop to inform your next project.  For example, the single magazine carrier that I use in the video is a popular product, but as you can see, after I empty the second mag, I reach for another one.  Maybe I will have to start using the double mag carrier, with the second magazine angled forward for easier reload.  So many projects, so little time!

Another reason we recorded this is that it’s nice to have little mile markers as you progress through a journey, so I’m going to try to do one of these little shooting videos every so often.  I can share what I’m working on with all of you, and I’ll also have a visual record of my progress.

As if that wasn’t enough to make this day awesome, I got home to find that the mail man had left me this!

Hooray!  If you don’t know about this absolutely stunning book yet, please check it out.  It’s called Chicks with Guns by Lindsay McCrum and it’s full of gorgeous photos of, you guessed it, women and girls with their firearms.  It leans heavily toward hunting rifles and shot guns, as opposed to hand guns or other self-defense type weapons.  The great thing about the book though, is that it shows all kinds of women with the guns that are part of their lives.  One of the main reasons that I was initially turned off to gun ownership is that I couldn’t find anyone like me in the gun community. It seemed mostly for men, and more specifically for cops and military personnel.  It’s hard to feel included in an activity when you have trouble relating to the other participants.  This book, along with some websites I’ve recently found, has really encouraged my belief that all kinds of people are participating in the gun world in all different capacities.  Which is great, because one of the best things about shooting is sharing the experience with other people, and building the kind of community that you want to be a part of.

2 thoughts on “Squeeee!

  1. From the angle of the video, your stance looks good. I’m teaching my wife to shoot too and we’re working on her stance, mainly leaning forward a little.
    For your reload though, what i was taught, is to keep your weapon pointed down range and at the target while reloading, the enemy wont know that your out of ammunition if they see a barrel in their direction.

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