Alright, kiddos.  I think I’ve done it.  Today I finished a bag and then successfully used it to carry my M&P compact while I ran some errands.  FINALLY.  It seems like it’s been a long time coming.  Here are some photos of the bag and me wearing the bag:

The bag consists of one large pocket that fits over a Kydex holster like this one, and has velcro tape at the top and two smaller pockets on the exterior for things like a phone, keys, money, credit cards, etc.  The belt loops on the Kydex holster have an extended tab on them that allows the gun to ride a little lower on the thigh.  I find this to be more comfortable and it makes the bag sit better.  The nice thing about this design is that the front pocket basically hides any gun outlines you might be able to see through the fabric, while providing room for my other EDC items.  I also like how snuggly my pistol sits against my hip in this configuration.  I took a long walk and then did a couple of sprints up and down the steps in my house to see how it felt and it seems very stable.   It’s also easy to access my phone and money without flashing my gun at the people around me.  Important.

I used  Kwik Sew pattern K3651 for the general size and shape of this bag and then I added the pocket in the front and the openings for the belt loops in the back.  I also changed the seam allowance to 1/2 inch instead of a 1/4 inch.  I could probably have made it a teansy bit taller to accomodate the velcro.  I have mixed feelings about the hook-and-loop tape I’ve been using.  It’s easy to install in the bag, keeps it closed securely and can be operated with one hand.  My reservation is that I feel a little clumsy on the draw stroke right now.  The velcro seems like an impediment to getting to the gun quickly.  Maybe I just need practice.  Or maybe the hook-and-loop tape will go out the window as I progress.  If anyone has any suggestions on a better closure method for the pistol compartment, I would be happy to hear them.

Or if you have any suggestions at all for improving the bag, please let me know.  I’m making these things based on what I perceive my concealed-carry needs to be, but I’m sure there are considerations I’m overlooking or more expedient ways of getting there.  What would you like to see in an OWB holster belt bag?

17 thoughts on “A New Kind of Holster

  1. What about the magnetic closures… where there is a magnet inside each part of the purse (flap and inner pouch) to keep them together and the just pop open when you want them too. I didn’t describe that well but I have seen that type of purse closure in stores.

  2. You might want to look at the Neodymium (not sure of spelling) permanent magnets for a closure. They are the really strong and small kind. I think you can get them off eBay but not sure where else.

    I’ve been thinking about sewing some into a canvas-type bag of mine and using it for off-body carry. You’re on the right track with no zippers or horizontal pockets for the gun compartment. I don’t know why anyone would want it that way… When I reach into a bag I’m going straight down.

    Oh, one other thing. It might be best to have no flap covering the gun pocket. Just a closure of some kind. The reason would be to make a “knife hand” drive down to the gun as easy as possible. It also would only take one hand to get the gun, instead of having to use your other hand to get the flap out of the way. The difficulty would be in making the pocket stay closed to hide the gun.

    Anyhow, cool to see your continuing efforts to get off body carry improved!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Candice! I will definitely look into those magnets. I think that might turn out to be a good solution to my closure problem.
      If you end up modifying your bag to use as CC pouch, I’d love to see it. It’s always so satisfying when you can make/modify your own gear to suit your individual needs.
      I’ve been using the flap on the bags just as an added layer of concealment. I live in a pretty populous area and I’m always aware of the danger of accidentally showing off my gun to the wrong stranger. That being said, I’m definitely open to the possibility of redesigning the bag once I start training more with this set-up.

  3. Rebecca, this is a genius idea. I think you should patent it and sell it to a major holster manufacturer. Actually, I would have patented it before you posted it on the internet. Oh well. Anyways, you should sell these. If/when you do, shoot me an email and I will buy one to demo in classes, write a review on Packing Pretty, and use for EDC. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the design.

    1. She should be O.K., since the date of publication is on this article, so that gives her evidence for when she had the idea.

      To Rebecca, I like it. I’m a fan of do-it-yourself, having made a holster out of pieces of soft leather for my pocket guns. It’s all part of the same attitude: I can do things for myself.

      1. I totally agree, Greg. I think one of the reasons I like the gun community so much is that its full of that independent, can-do attitude. It makes it a very welcoming place for makers and thinkers and inventors.

    2. Thanks, Gracie! I’m already sewing another bag to work out some of the things I didn’t like about this one. I feel like I’m getting close to the final design, and have started looking into what it would take to get a patent. I will definitely let you know when they are ready for production. I wish I could come out there with the bag and take one of your classes!

  4. You may have some problem with credit card being demagnatized by the closure magnets. Seen the wife have problems with magnet closures and her credit cards. Maybe you can put the credit/debit cards in something that stops the magnetic field from interfering with them.

  5. So, hypothetically, if you were going to sell a bag like this (I am thinking a cute, pink one) how much would you charge?!? I have been looking for something that looks great but yet is practical, and I think you are on to something! I would, personally, like some sort of strap on it that is adjustable so it can go across my body (over the opposite shoulder) or even my right shoulder, so that it looks like a purse.

    1. Hey there! Thanks for noticing my belt! It’s actually just a wide leather belt that I got from Lucky Brand Jeans. It works really well as a gun belt though, and I love the way it looks.

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