I was initially reluctant to carry a pocket knife.  I can’t remember what my reasons for resisting this now indispensable tool were at the time, though I am sure they were unimpeachable.   I am always so right until I am totally wrong.  My knife has become a staple every day carry item for me.  It’s the kind of thing that I feel naked without.  If I forget it at home, I will inevitably spend all day reaching for it, coming away empty-handed and sighing dramatically at my own impotence.  Recently my five year old niece asked me, “Aunt Bec, why do you have that knife in your pocket??”.  To which I replied,  “Sweet Pea, how else am I going to open all of those bullet-proof, Kevlar-wrapped toy and candy packages you are constantly thrusting at me?”.  We had a brief debate about the merits of using one’s teeth is such situations, but my logic won out in the end.  Turns out five year olds have short attention spans.

My first knife was a Kershaw Chill.  I worked at a bakery at the time and it was so convenient to be able to open big bags of flour or huge tubs of fondant without having to track down or wipe off some sharp implement to use.  Then I started leaving the knife in my pocket after work when I was cooking dinner.  I was always finding things that needed to be opened or cut apart or in some other way separated or dislodged.   Soon after I started taking it with me when I went shopping, so if I bought something with a pesky tag or stubborn package I could readily free my purchase.  In short, I quickly realized that it was incredibly useful to carry a knife every day.  And while I’m no expert in knife combat skills, it does give me a modicum of security when I can’t carry my gun that, at the very least, I have a sharp knife if things go sideways.

I have since upgraded to a Kershaw Chive which I love more than I thought I could possibly love a pocket knife.  The Speed-Safe assisted opening device is awesome.  It saves you from having to flick the knife forward to release the blade, potentially in an unsafe direction.  With the Speed-Safe, you can just point the knife in a safe direction and press the auto-release lever and BOOM! Now you are ready for some things.  It’s also a really good weight, just under 2 ounces, substantial without being clumsy, and it’s a nice size for smaller lady hands.  Additionally, I love a well-designed stainless steel gadget.  Really looks like you mean business.

So a couple of quicks points to consider if you are hesitant to carry a knife:

1.) My knife is VERY sharp and I have never cut myself with it, even with the assisted opening feature. That’s actually the benefit of keeping it so sharp–it cuts what you want it to and not what you don’t.

2.) Keeping a knife in my back pocket is in no way uncomfortable or conspicuous in lady clothes.  And it is way easier than trying to conceal a gun.

3.) Most people don’t even notice that I have a knife until I pull it out of my pocket.  Sometimes there is oohing and ahhing about the fact that I am carrying a knife, but most people are pretty cool about it.

4.) My knife has never jumped out of my pocket and stabbed anyone including pets, small children or old ladies.  In fact, it’s quite useful for cutting bits of yarn for my cat to play with, opening crayon boxes for kids and getting that old lady to stop harassing you about raking your leaves.  Kidding! Old ladies are nice.

5.) Even though you probably can’t think of a single thing you’d use a knife for now, you will find a million uses for it once you start carrying it.  Seriously, it will become as indispensable to you as your lip gloss and your smart phone.  One caveat– don’t forget to take your knife out of your pocket before you go to the airport.  Sadly, I have lost a few Swiss Army knives this way.  It is always very frustrating.

In closing, you need a knife.  You just don’t know it yet. But that’s ok, because when you finally get around to getting one and carrying it everyday and it changes the course of your life forever, I won’t even say, “I told you so”.

25 thoughts on “Knives and Why You NEED One.

  1. Great write up. I started carrying a small one religiously about a year ago and it’s one of the most important things in my purse! I had to go to court the other day and forgot I had it. They told me I could hide it outside the court house or throw it away…I opted to walk ALL the way back to my car & be late for court.

    1. I had the same experience. but, I had spotted out the entry and knew I could hide in the foliage. No problem on retrieval.
      Happy ending, and the court cop on the metal detactor never missed a bite on his tuna sammitch.

      1. It was just plea day, I have to go back in late May for the actual case. I better not forget then! it’s not even that it’s an expensive knife, (its a Winchester I got at Walmart) but I’ve become attached, and it really has served me well.

    2. When I forgot I had mine at the courthouse, the security people were great. They stored it for me and gave me a claim check. I picked it up after I was finished.

  2. Funny. My s/o is on a jury panel next Monday. My hope is that she gets chosen for my neice-in-laws grand jury, for a home invasion killing. She was only protecting herself…prayers welcome.
    Apolgies if TMI.

    1. From the little I know about court: if she hasn’t been pulled for “grand jury duty” specifically, she’ll just be in the regular jury pool AND because she knows people in the case, she won’t be able to be part of that case. Hope it all works out for your fam anyway.

  3. I’ve carried my Swiss Army Knife with me since elementary school–yup, it wasn’t a crime then. It has dents and chips that I’ve been told the company will repair for free, but I’d have to buy another to fill in. I do have to wonder why every product these days is packaged in wrapping that requires Anduril to split it open.

      1. I pull out my Swiss Army knife whenever I need to explain the love of the familiar to my composition classes. Yes, my students think that I’m crazy, but it gets the point across.

        My lady tells me that I should be attached to my cell phone, but it’s electronic–read infuriating.

  4. Totally agree. I started carrying a 4″ folding Buck knife, Gerber multi-tool and Mag LED flashlight on my belt a year ago and not a day goes by I don’t use one or more. Even used the knife to cut a ladies seatbelt when she rolled her minivan in a cornfield. People make fun of it until they need a tool and them they come asking….8-)

    1. I have a Rainbow Leek too! I sent it out to get duracoated a few months ago for a little change of pace. Now it’s a soft, flat grey with black hardware. And you’re right, it’s sharp as all get out!

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