11 thoughts on “RebeccaGuns EDC Pistol Options

  1. Thanks, Rebecca. Very helpful to hear about the Shield.
    And way to rock that concealed carry under your thin tee!

  2. I do love those Czech guns, although I never feel worried about putting scratches on a Commie-Bloc firearm. They’re Jeeps, not Fiats, to my way of thinking. I bought my partner a CZ vz. 83 as her first gun, and every time I see it, I turn green with envy and want it back. That butter-smooth trigger, even in double action, should cost a thousand dollars.

    If you ever want a backup to the Shield, though, have a look at Kel-Tec. The PF-9 has a decent trigger, and it may be a mite smaller than the Smith & Wesson. I have a P-11 that I use in a pocket holster from time to time. Its trigger is stiff but positive–that’s what I want for something that’ll ride around in a pocket, even in a holster.

  3. Ironically, I, being a guy mind you, went from a CZ 75D Compact (which I absolutely love to shoot!), to the M&P 40c (another gun I love to shoot), and now I carry the Shield. It’s just comfortable, easy to carry, easy to conceal, and easy to shoot. It’s become my EDC primarily because I don’t have to think about it. The Shield just gets lost during the day and I “forget” it’s there most of the day. It was never the weight of the other guns, although the Shield beats them there, it was the width for me. I can carry my 40c comfortably as well, but not AS comfortably. Great choices and great vid. PS: I found your blog because I overheard you while my wife was watching this vid.

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