I’ve had some requests in the past week for more information on the bags I’ve been making.  I’m only too happy to oblige, so I made a little video in which I explain more about the impetus behind making holster bags and show how they function when in use.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for design or hardware improvements.  I am particularly interested in working more on the compartment where the gun is housed.  Ideas for a quiet, quick-deploying closure system would be THE BOMB.

*Also, thanks to Armed in Stilettos for my awesome t-shirt!

6 thoughts on “A Closer Look at the CC Holster Bags

  1. I want to give you kudos on your bags, they DON’T look like cc bags that are made.
    The third bag would work for most people, needs to be more rounded in shape and the back Conceal pocket the full size of the bag opening all the way across. Velcro is good but noisy and could put people on alert. They do make a magnetic clasp in button and in long bar that are sewn inside on each side. Making them out of heavy cloth as well as the leather.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! I really appreciate your input! Magnets are a good idea, but I’m having trouble finding the right kind. They need to be strong and low profile. So far, I’ve only been able to find the craft store variety and they’re not quite heavy-duty enough for me. Any idea where I could find a beefier magnet closure?

  2. Linda beat me to it, but look at the magnets used in money clips. Put them on either side of the pocket mouth along the top edge, and add tabs of leather or heavy cloth to make opening easier. I’d want something to secure the bag at least to your belt loops, since, as you pointed out, it’s the thing that a purse snatcher focuses on.

  3. If you then put both loops on your belt, and put the gun between the central cord and the lining of the trousers, you have a quick and simple holster. This is not as nice as proper leather holsters, but is fast and easy to make if needed. There are pager holsters and shirts with built-in holsters.

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