I’ve been talking a lot lately about concealed carry options, so I thought I would share with you guys another method that I use frequently, wardrobe permitting.  It’s a PHLster skeleton holster for my M&P Shield, that I appendix carry IWB.   This is the same holster that I showed off in my EDC Pistol Options video.

As you can see from the photos, it basically disappears even in summer clothes.  The shirt I am wearing is a bit roomy in the front, but the cut doesn’t feel unflattering to me.  I also like the layered tank-tops for warmer weather.  You can tuck one tank-top in and wear a larger one over top, so that your gun isn’t pressed right up against your (likely sweaty) abdomen.  Carrying this way is secure, comfortable and provides a quick and easy draw.  It’s also nearly invisible, even if you know what you’re looking for.

How do you guys carry in the summer months?

8 thoughts on “Concealed Carry (even when it’s like a billion degrees)

  1. I have a neoprene holster for my S&W Bodyguard .38. I carry right up next to my skin as the neoprene doesn’t “shift” and everything stays where I put it. I also don’t tend to wear belts too often so I had to come up with another option. I am not exactly “small” so I tend to wear tunic style tops anyway.

    1. That sounds really comfortable. Sometimes I don’t like wearing a belt either, especially in the summer. Does the neoprene cause any friction or sweat against your skin? What brand of holster is it?

  2. You have such good, useful posts. I’ve been putting together a new powerpoint presentation for my CCW classes and, with your permission, would like to use these 6 pics with your write up starting with “As you can see” through “looking for”. I would present this as your opinion but also give them your blog address.

  3. With a belt, my inside-the-waistband holsters work just fine, even on shorts. Put a large T-shirt over top, and voila. (Actually, the opposite of voila. . .) These days, I’m still trying to get my flexibility back after breaking my wrist, so I often go with a pocket 9mm.

    When I go to clothing stores (a rare event that I do only under duress), I bring a representative sample of my carry collection to test waist measurement and pockets. Alas, not many fashion designers make things with concealed carry in mind.

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