I’ve read a lot of articles and posts this past week about the recent shooting in Aurora, but couldn’t get his one our of my head. It is such a simple, concise defense of concealed carry without playing on sympathies or blame. It also underscores the point that the vast majority of the legal gun owning population is primarily concerned with the protection of innocent lives, not the extermination of them.
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The recent shooting incident in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado raises a question of basic rights. According to the reports that I’ve seen, the theater in question bars the carrying of firearms. Of course, we see how well a sign declaring a “gun-free zone” worked, but that’s another matter. I want to consider the broader point about the boundaries of rights.

Take my home as an example. It’s generally agreed that I have a large measure of a right to privacy within its walls. Under our laws, if the government wants to come in, there must be a warrant issued by a judge to allow that, minus a small number of exigent circumstances. Our government violates that all too often, but many of us recognize that to be a violation. In addition to privacy, I have the right to say who gets to come in and what my guests…

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