Welcome to the Gun Show and my debut on GunSafety Pro

It looks like my September sabbatical has finally drawn to a close.  I’ve done things, gone places, talked to people, shot weapons and snuggled my cat (a lot).  Now I’ve amassed lots of fodder for posts.  First up is my take on gun shows.  I’ve attended quite a few as a customer and recently had the opportunity to participate in a couple of shows as a vendor.  It was an enlightening experience, to say the least.  You can read all about it here at Gun Safety Pro where I hope to be a contributing writer from now on.  Please share your thoughts on gun shows in the comments here or over at GSP.

In a similar vein, my friend Gabby of Armed Candy fame, posted this article a few days ago and it rang sadly true for me. No matter how much progress we make, it seems there are always these boneheads pissing on everyone’s parade.   Oh well.  I guess if we didn’t have guys like this, who would we all make fun of?